Valkaria Air Fest - Saturday, February 18th, 2012
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Above Photography by Charles "Stewart" Lai

Entry and Location
  1. Enter from "Fairgreen Street", which is just south of the regular airport entrance.
  2. Park away from runway, behind wooden stakes and main perimeter fence line.
  3. Camping is along the fence and elevated area adjacent to the golf course parking lot.
  4. Fire must be in an enclosed fire ring or in the 55 gallon drum provided.
Flight Information Checklist
  1. The LZ is the infield & Taxiway B, north of runway 10/28 and west of 14/32.
  2. Do not cross active runway 14/32 and stay South of the Stage, Tents, & Crowdline.
  3. Note the RC model plane area on the west end of runway 10/28, closed to GA traffic.
  4. Avoid golf course at lower altitude. Get above 400 ft before crossing to the South.
  5. After launch, fly left hand pattern to get altitude. Enjoy the open ground to the S/SW.
Review above Map with Flight Information Checklist
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